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Nǐ hǎo! Wǒ jiào Tim. Really, it's me. :-)


Chinese Buddy is an immense passion. Part art, part education, it's pure joy for me to bring out new Mandarin learning songs and release them online. It's my hope they excite the same love I have for the Mandarin language, and make Chinese teaching and learning a lot easier.

I'm an American/Kiwi and hold master's degrees in music composition and Christian studies. I've lived in Taiwan 11+ years where I became fluent in Mandarin Chinese. I'm a university lecturer, and have not only written 120+ Mandarin education learning songs, but also opera, orchestral and choral music, and play  reggae trombone, as well!

Each new day brings fresh possibilities to try to write new music, be an innovative educator and learn from the past.


Feel free to sign up for Chinese Buddy updates or contact me below. I always love hearing people's experiences with my music, and sincerely hope it aids your Mandarin journey!

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Chinese Buddy is a registered NZ company and is not affiliated with any part of the Chinese government, nor has it ever been. "Chinese" refers to the language, not the country or people.