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Hi! Chee En (Timothy) here! I’m the founder of Chinese Buddy. I’m a Kiwi/American and highly passionate about combining my two great loves — music & Chinese! I’m a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, hold an MMus from Auckland University in classical music composition. My first instrument is trombone and originally come from a jazz background. I also spent 11 years in Taiwan learning Mandarin and teaching English. In 2012, I moved back to Auckland with my wife.

After coming back to the West, I realised a lot of Mandarin learners struggled to remember content. That’s when I got the idea for Chinese Buddy. Why not combine my talents and give students an easy means to remember vocabulary?

Well, Chinese Buddy has taken a lot of twists and turns along the way! Initially, I only wanted to focus on children’s learning content with an in-class curriculum. But my songs were always so well received by students…After being told by a Chinese teacher that I “couldn’t just do songs…” I took that as my cue to do it! Today, Chinese Buddy is all about fun Mandarin learning through songs and results have been incredible. Chinese Buddy has already exceeded 2+ million views on YouTube and I even run into people occasionally who can sing my songs!

This is truly one of the most exhilarating journeys in life so far, and it brings immense joy to affect learning outcomes for people of all ages in such a positive way!

Chinese Buddy is a New Zealand Registered Company [NZBN: 9429041839850].

Contact me & share your thoughts also excited to hear where your from, how you found Chinese Buddy and how we can help you learn even better!

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