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Happy Chinese New Year!

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Chinese Buddy recently released it’s very own Chinese New Year ‘Gongxi Song’ to help kids learn Chinese.

In China and Taiwan during Chinese New Year there is a traditionally played ‘Gongxi Song.’

But as with most Chinese songs, it isn’t too suitable for a new beginner, especially a child.

This got us thinking…So, Chinese Buddy decided to write its own ‘Gongxi Song’ which summarizes a lot of important points of Chinese New Year and point new beginners to some important phrases.

Here’s Chinese Buddy’s own ‘Gongxi song’:

The most prominent word is obviously ‘gōngxǐ’ which roughly translates ‘congratulations’ in English.

While in English greeting someone at New Year by saying ‘congratulations’ might seem odd, in Chinese it’s quite natural. ‘Congratulations’ or ‘gōngxǐ’ rather expresses the joy and excitement of sharing time together with family, friends and food.

We’ve also included worksheets to help student learning. All you need to do is sign up, download and print. They are super easy for teachers to use and hopefully will excite learners.

So, hope the song helps! Next time you see someone at Chinese New Year don’t forget a hearty ‘Xīnnián kuàilè’ (Happy New Year) and ‘Gōngxǐ’ (congratulations)!

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