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**Please read below to get the most out of your song!**

Songs are really awesome for making kids remember Chinese! 

And The Class Starter Song is a great way to launch any Mandarin class.

Here's some great ways to use the song:

1. Play the MP3 to begin classes to help focus students on learning.

2. Add in simple dance moves with singing. Kids love music and motion!

3. Integrate the song into games like musical chairs/freezing statues

4. Or use its vocabulary as springboard into learning to read and write Mandarin

But does the fun have to end?

Want to upgrade to all the Chinese songs?

How does 75% off sound?

Since Chinese is so important, we should really try to excite kids to learn!

But many resources don't.

So many use the old boring sit-down, textbook, rote-learning approach!

We are forcing kids to learn Chinese as if they are adults.

It's crazy!

It's no wonder why so many kids quickly dislike Mandarin!

Take Australia...

Experts estimate there are only 130 fluent non-native Mandarin-speakers in its 23 million population!

Shouldn't we be inspiring kids?

Meet the 10 Chinese Songs Every Chinese Teacher Should Have!

10 Chinese Songs to Teach Kids

As a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and certified language teacher with over 15 years experience, I know the usefullness of music.

I’m always amazed how music effortlessly activates your memory.

After completing my Masters in Music Composition, I decided to create simple & catchy Chinese songs to help kids learn Mandarin.

And the response has been phenomenal. 

I can’t tell you how many times parents come to me now and say,

 “Help! My kids won’t stop singing your songs!”

It’s really no secret either. Songs have a powerful effect on learning capability.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 10 Mandarin learning songs
  • Powerpoints/Keynote slides with all lyrics for each song (Simplified Characters, pinyin and English).
  • You’ll excite kids.
  • You’ll have fun
  • Kids will even be practising Chinese at home without even knowing it! 

I personally wouldn’t even try to teach kids Chinese without using these songs...

Be ready to have students:

  • Look forward to classes
  • Improve their fluency
  • Effortlessly recall vocabulary
  • And you’ll even get positive comments from parents, too!

Normally, the song package is $18.99 on our website.

For people on Chinese Buddy's list, we’re selling it for just $5.  

Yup, that's pretty much 75% off!

It’s like the cost of a Starbucks latte yet you can use it for years to come!

Click below to buy, then enter coupon code: CB5

Honestly, at $5, I’m not making a fortune off this. 

Just covering my costs and wanting to inspire kids to learn Mandarin.

I truly believe this resource will make your classes much more dynamic!


Q1: Do I have to play an instrument to use your songs?

 A: No. All songs are in MP3 form. Just play it on your phone or computer!

Q2: Why don’t you create a full curriculum for kids?

 A: I have! Go to to check it out! 

Q3: Can adults use the songs?

 A: Yes! Many grown-ups tell me they love the songs and enjoy the effortless learning with their kids.

Q4: Can parents who don’t know Mandarin use these songs to help their kids learn?

 A: Yes! All the slides have the lyrics with pinyin, Simplified Characters and English translation.

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