Primary School Chinese Curriculum – Module 4 – In Class Teaching Materials

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Product Description

The Primary School Chinese Curriculum Western learners adore!

Chinese Buddy’s Primary School Curriculum – Module 4 continues on the content learned in previous modules.

Included are great songs, fun stories, craft activities, games, worksheets and task-based projects for fluency.

Module 4’s download package has:

  • Review Sections
  • Body Parts
  • Learning the Superlative ‘最‘
  • People Descriptors
  • Expressing ‘要’ (want)
  • The ‘Freddy Dinosaur Story’ – A fun story about a lonesome dinosaur.
  • Awesome Mandarin learning songs that kids love!
  • The Teacher’s Guide – Lesson-by-lesson ideas progression on how to teach the content
  • Worksheets galore easy to print for lesson times (has task-based learning projects and worksheets).
  • Material that follows the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

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