Chinese Curriculum for Kids – Module 2 – In class teacher’s materials

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Product Description

The Chinese Curriculum for kids students love!

Chinese Buddy’s Chinese Curriculum for Kids – Module 2 builds on the foundations of ‘greetings’ and ‘likes and dislikes’ learned in Module 1.

The Module 2 downloadable content has lots of games, learning songs, craft activities, stories, engaging worksheets and task-based projects.

The specifics include:

  • Learning Pinyin: Vowel Combinations
  • Learning Numbers 1-10
  • Learning to answer ‘How many?’
  • Learning to say ‘Please give me…’ + Number
  • Learning the Story: ‘Harry Hippo’
  • 3 cool original Mandarin learning songs
  • A Complete Teacher’s Guide – Lesson-by-lesson teaching instructions
  • 45 Pages of printable worksheets for in-class use (includes fun worksheets & task-based learning projects).
  • All content follows the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages and the ‘Chinese in New Zealand’ National Curriculum Standards.

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