Chinese Curriculum for Kids – Module 1 – In class teacher’s materials

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Product Description

The Awesome Chinese Curriculum for Kids!

Got new learners?

Looking to start from the Mandarin basics?

Want great supplementary material?

Why make kids loathe Mandarin when you can use Chinese Buddy’s fun Western approach!

Chinese Buddy’s Module 1 is a fantastic & fun place to start. It’s where Mandarin learning meets teaching methods Western kids actually enjoy!

Perfect for kids ages 7-12, Module 1 launches kids into learning the foundations needed for any future Mandarin study. Be warned, this is no sit-down textbook approach!

Materials can be used a supplementary material or as a stand-along curriculum.

Original learning songs, games, crafts, stories, fun worksheets and task-based learning projects are all a part of the fun learning journey!

You’ll get:

  • 20 hours of in-class teaching material
  • Learning Pinyin: Consonant and Single Vowel Sounds
  • Learning Basic Greetings
  • Learning to answer ‘How Are You?’
  • Learning to say ‘Likes’ and ‘Dislikes’ + Colors
  • Learning a Story: ‘The Zebra that Loved Pink’
  • 5 Cool original Learning Songs
  • Complete Teachers Guide – Step-by-step teaching progression. Perfect for new teachers!
  • 45 Pages of Printable Worksheets for in-class use (Includes fun worksheets & task-based learning projects)
  • Aligned with The American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages and the Chinese in New Zealand National Curriculum Standards.

Kids thoroughly enjoy Mandarin when they learn in fun familiar ways!

Check out what parents have said about their kids using Chinese Buddy’s Fun Chinese Curriculum for Kids:

‘She loved the fun learning environment where she could play games, sing songs and enjoy leaning!’ – T. Duncan

‘I’m truly amazed how the songs and raps helped my grandson learn so effortlessly! He absolutely loves the classes and comes home singing Mandarin in the car!’ – M. Kao

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Year 1 purchase of USD$97 comes with free updates occurring on August 1 & February 1 of each year.

Year 2 has USD$19 subscription allows you continue to receive updates on August 1 & February 1.

You can cancel the subscription for year 2 anytime but will not have access to updates anymore. If you wish to get access to updates again, you will have to re-purchase whole package.

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Additional information

Important Details

The total download price has 2 parts:

-$97: The Initial fee to purchase the Mandarin content
– $19: Annual subscription fee for on-going content updates

As a robust program, we aim to adjust and add to the product throughout the year.

Each progressive year you will be charged an annual $19 update subscription fee. (Note: You will NOT again have to pay the initial purchase fee of $97.) If you don't want updates after the initial first-year purchase, you can cancel it anytime.

But be warned: Without content updates, Chinese Buddy makes no promise downloadable content will continue to match the online ‘learner platform.’

***NOTE: This subscription does NOT include access to the online ‘learner platform.’ This must be purchased separately for you or students. Please contact us for affordable school/class discounts!***


Chinese Buddy owns and reserves the right to all its content. Once purchased, we automatically stamp your name, city and zip (no street name) at the bottom of all PDF documents. The stamp confirms the license to use the content for in-class learning.

“As a teacher, can my school use the downloads in classes I don’t teach?”

It all depends on who paid for the module. The license is for the 'buyer.' If the 'buyer' is the teacher, then only the teacher is legally allowed to use the content for their classes. If the school paid, then the school can use the content in any of its classes.


Version 2.0 Release – January 2, 2015

-More fun integrated task-based learning projects
-Chinese characters added to pinyin cards
-Added flashcards
-Typo and style corrections in the teacher notes
-Demonstrated Alignment to ACTFL Language Learning Standards
-More worksheets!

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