Chinese Buddy

Kids usually hate Mandarin but love this approach.... Here's why!

Mandarin learning for kids is outdated.

  • Rote-learning is rampant
  • Dull boring textbooks
  • Ear grating songs
  • And Chinese teachers who don't get the cultural learning differences in NZ!

No wonder kids get turned off at school!

Chinese is already a difficult language. Unfortuanately, the style of normal Mandarin lessons makes it even harder for Western kids!

Get private Chinese lessons on Auckland's North Shore for your kids & friends! 

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Have your kids see the world in a bigger way. Let them explore the Chinese language and culture!

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But learning w/ Chinese Buddy is different!

We use a unique Western approach kids love & adore!

We have:

  • Songs
  • Games
  • Learning Stories
  • Engaging use of hand gestures for vocab & grammar structures
  • Original Learning Songs
  • Task-based Learning Goals
  • Online Learning Review Platform

Book a private lesson for your kids on Auckland's North Shore!

Chinese for Kids in Auckland

Julie is a fantastic teacher. She grew up on Auckland's North Shore, speaks Mandarin fluently, and knows exactly how Western kids like to learn!

1st lesson is just $20! Have your kids enjoy what so many already have!

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