Mandarin lessons – Complete Lesson Plans for Teachers

Chinese Buddy is designed to help teachers efficiently utilise the time they have in the classroom with their students. We supply Mandarin lesson plans and classroom resources to cover your teaching needs. Our Mandarin lessons are written by teachers for teachers.

Every teaching module has its own teachers’ manual. Our teaching manuals are built around a step-by-step syllabus containing lesson plans which clearly outline how to teach our Chinese Buddy course.

The teaching notes in our teacher manuals directly link to the printable worksheets, flashcards, Pinyin and simplified Chinese writing sheets, stories, songs, teaching videos and game ideas that are incorporated into each lesson.

The Chinese Buddy teachers’ manual helps teachers streamline their Mandarin lessons to get the most out of their classroom time.


Part 1    Songs/Review    Listening/Speaking

Part 2   Learning Content (see curriculum outline)    Listening/Speaking/Reading

Part 3   New Songs/Raps – uses vocabulary from the learning content    Listening/Speaking

Part 4   Games/Activities – tasked-based learning    Listening/Speaking

Part 5   Worksheet    Reading/Writing

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