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Our Mandarin course is divided into individual teaching modules: each with clear learning objectives. See our Lesson Plans for more information.

Each module is then broken down into 10 lessons: each lesson is designed to last sixty to ninety minutes.  

Each lesson is divided into 6 learning parts: review, Pinyin pronunciation, new vocabulary, stories/application games, songs or raps and worksheets.

Worksheets usually work best at the end of each lesson, as they give children a further chance to review and apply all new content they have learned.

So your kids learn Mandarin quickly, and want to keep learning, we include songs, videos and worksheets as part of our teaching resources.

Using the gestures to teach new language and speak in Mandarin is incredibly important in the Chinese Buddy Academy syllabus and we incorporate the use of Gestures in Teaching and to help kids learn Mandarin faster.

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