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Learning Mandarin is easy with the Chinese Buddy. We combine content, methodology and technology to help students across the world learn and practise their Mandarin skills.

Videos for Learning

Blended learning is flexible and videos play a key role in our blended learning approach. Blended learning grants a level of independence to students. Those students who enjoy the blended learning approach often comment that their favourite part is being able to watch videos over and over again, as needed.

Our short five- to ten-minute videos can be used to supplement classroom work, as introductions to learning the content, or as content review. All our online content closely follows the classroom syllabus and children can reinforce all the content taught in class.

The videos introduce songs, vocabulary and gestures. All our teaching videos star the highly experienced and funny Mr. Larry Chinese. His engaging style means students love the learning process. Each video lesson is short and sweet, focusing on a single concept.

Students can watch all the videos after class from their learning platform to reinforce what they have learnt.

Our songs and videos focus on sounds and tones; focusing attention to pronunciation is no longer a drag. Teachers can use the videos in the classroom or have students watch them as homework, helping them stay connected with Mandarin for a few minutes every day in between regular classes.

Learn Mandarin Online – Learning Platform

All our material is loaded onto an easy-to-use platform and includes videos, songs, games, puzzles, interactive quizzes and study slides.

Students stay engaged: our online lessons are short, easily digestible and transform your students from passive watchers to active learners. Young learners actually enjoy doing their homework when they’re learning with Chinese Buddy.

We turn learning potentially boring or difficult vocabulary and grammar structures into fun. We mix up the format with interesting visuals, different activities, quizzes and puzzles. Students can learn Mandarin online, test themselves, improve and feel great about their learning.

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