Many successful language learners regard songs as one of the most powerful, fun, and long-lasting ways to pick up a language.

All our songs at Chinese Buddy are original and are geared perfectly to the lessons. We don’t rehash the “old” Chinese children’s tunes, nor do we throw new lyrics on the same boring melodies.

At Chinese Buddy, kids learn Chinese songs; original Mandarin learning songs are combined with learning gestures to involve children in Total Physical Response (TPR) learning!

Learn Chinese – Songs and Gestures

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How do I use them in the Classroom? 

I can’t sing! What do I do? Relax. You don’t have to sing or bring in a piano to class. All the songs are pre-recorded and available online. You can download the lyrics and play the songs in class through your computer or phone.

The lyrics are easy to learn and the kids love to learn Chinese songs; they make learning a tonal language easier! Melody and rhythm are important when learning a tonal language like Mandarin.

We include a song instruction video and our teacher manual tells you when to incorporate them into the teaching programme. The lyrics recycle vocabulary that has already been presented in class.

Students have access to each song through their learning platform so they can listen and learn Chinese songs outside class whenever they want.

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