Learn Chinese Fast!

People think Mandarin is super hard…

Most of the time they believe this because their process of a learning is devoid of creativity and interest.

Mandarin is an incredibly beautiful language, and when you light creativity and interest at the heart of learning, you unlock a whole journey of learning Chinese fast.

One of the most powerful ways is to use singing…There’s is something about singing that not only makes learning Chinese faster and easier,  but also engages interest and creativity in pretty dynamic ways.

When I was an ESL teacher in Taiwan, I use to laugh at all the dumb songs I used to hear in the English books. But I don’t anymore.

Music somehow enables us to remember things that brute force pounding of information can never do.

That’s really why we wrote the Mandarin learning songs.

They totally allow you to learn Chinese fast, and grow 100 word vocabulary.

Get into enjoyable Mandarin learning…learn through songs!