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"Get me FREE access to see how I can effortlessly learn Mandarin thru songs!"

What if you could learn Chinese in a way that didn’t allow you to forget words, even if you tried…  

A way that would even have you practicing Chinese spontaneously…  

No, Really.  

I’m not talking about some hypnosis mumbo-jumbo or crazy ‘learn in your sleep’ method.  

Sound unreal?  

Well, it’s not. It’s actually music to your ears.  


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I create simple, catchy songs, so Mandarin becomes unforgettable, effortless for Chinese learners.  

Yes, literally unforgettable!  

Just sign up now & get FREE access to a song lesson.

You'll see how 1 simple song immediately commits Mandarin to your long-term memory! No boring word lists required!

Song Lesson Access Includes:

  • 1 streamed online Chinese song video
  • Lyrics w/ English review slides with audio practice!
  • Mandarin Speech Recognition - Speak & get instant feedback!
  • Online game to practice vocabulary!
  • Practice sheets to show off to teachers, family & friends!
  • Report card to show to a teacher/Mandarin speaker to assess learning.
  • Spontaneous Mandarin at home, in the car & at school!

Sign up now to get 1 FREE song lesson! 

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Chee En - Chinese Buddy

Chee En (Timothy)