Is CB Academy online or offline?

Both. The full curriculum has an in-class teacher guide and in-class printable worksheets for specialist and non-specialist teachers. Additionally, all learning content is available online to learn and review.

Do you have special prices for schools?

Yes. We believe Mandarin should be accessible to students everywhere. Click here for pricing! Please indicate how many students will be learning.

Can a professional specialist Mandarin teacher use CB Academy’s curriculum?

Absolutely. The curriculum is perfect for specialist teachers who want to teach western kids in a western way. Too often Chinese teachers have made Mandarin more difficult than it should through out-dated teaching content and techniques. CB academy delivers content using task-based learning games, and fun activities, which are perfectly geared towards western learners.

Does CB Academy teach pronunciation?

Yes! Chinese Buddy uses the pinyin system, as used in china. It’s by far the quickest and easiest way to get western children reading Mandarin, and sets them up perfectly for future written character learning.

Does the curriculum teach children to write characters?

Yes, and no. CB Academy focuses a lot on speaking, listening, and reading and writing pinyin (the Chinese western alphabet system to learn characters). There are quite a number of basic Chinese character writing sheets, where students will learn to write some basic characters. The emphasis of these sheets is not to gain writing fluency, but rather cultural appreciation for Chinese characters. But if you have a native Chinese speaker in the classroom, the practice writing content can easily be supplemented to learn to write all vocabulary learned.

Do you use traditional or simplified Chinese characters?

The characters in all review slides, and worksheets are simplified characters. These are the characters used by 1 billion+ people in China, so they’re useful to know!

Are you connected to the Chinese government’s Confucius Institute?

No. We are in not partnered with the Chinese government. Chinese Buddy can be used though with any teacher who wants fun and engaging content.

The content displayed is all wacky on the screen. What’s the deal with your site bro?

Every browser goes about displaying content a little differently. Using tons of software to make Chinese Buddy happen is very tricky when trying to make it work across loads of different browsers! Therefore we recommend you avoid explorer. Chinese Buddy can be best viewed on Safari (Mac) or Chrome browsers. This will be your best viewing experience.
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