Chinese Songs for Kids – Top 5 Songs on Youtube

Chinese Songs for Kids

Chinese songs for kids are a fantastic way to start any child learning Mandarin. They not only allow students to remember vocabulary easily but also gets kids saying vocabulary in a faster, more rhymic pace.

I used two criteria in curating the below songs:

1. Songs need to be useful for a non-native language learner. Singing about tigers missing ‘ears’ and ‘tails’ didn’t seem as practical.

2. The song should be somewhat pleasing to the ears. You’d be surprised how many Chinese songs for kids don’t do this! Thus, I tried to find groovy songs with a reasonably high production quality.

Although I must admit I had to scrape the barrel of Youtube, I do believe the below list represents some of the best.

So, here’s a list of the top 5 Chinese songs for kids!

#5 Mandarin For Kids – Learn Your Colours by Basho

Nice and drum-groovy. Never forget the Chinese colours!

#4 Chinese Children’s Song “Fruit Song” 儿歌-水果歌_动画animation

Fruits are always good to know and are typical desserts after Chinese meals. Good to have a handle on these!

#3 Wo de pengyou zai nali? – Where’s my friend?

This song is one I arranged and probably the ultimate all-time classic for Mandarin learning. It’s one of the few children songs for native speakers which crosses over to non-native speakers. It’s no wonder Mandarin teachers love using it in the first couple of lessons. Great for numbers 1-7!

#2 Mandarin Chinese Hello Song – Nǐ hǎo, Hello

This one has a decent beat; its lyrics are practical, and its production quality is good.

#1 Chinese Songs for Kids – Learn ‘Greetings’ in 3 Minutes!

This one is my all time favourite because I wrote it! Any honest composer will admit they write music because they believe the world is missing out something. 🙂

Seriously though, this song has grown popular on Youtube because the melody is simple and it’s highly practical for students. I’ve had many schools perform it in assemblies even! You can purchase my songs here.

So, there you have it! If you think I missed one, feel free to comment below! Otherwise, enjoy all these Chinese songs for kids with your children or students!

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