10 Ways Chinese Buddy is Great for Your School

Chinese Buddy

With so many options for Mandarin learning, what makes Chinese Buddy special? Here are 10 reasons why Chinese Buddy would be perfect for your school.

10. Chinese Buddy – Created by a Mandarin Learner for Mandarin Learners

Firsthand experience counts a lot in the learning process. It’s one thing to say how someone should learn, and quite another to go through the experience. This is absolutely where Chinese Buddy excels. Chee En, the founder of Chinese Buddy, spent 11 years learning Mandarin in Taiwan. With this experience, Chinese Buddy anticipates pitfalls Westerners encounter and tailors teaching points to help Western kids learn.

9. Task-based Learning

While lots curricula are strong in presenting topics, connecting and applying content in a cohesive fashion is often lacking.

In contrast, Chinese Buddy weaves content together through learning tasks which allow students to build off what they learned. This builds confidence in learners and allows them to apply language they’ve learned in practical ways.

8. No rote-learning – Games instead!

The default mode of most Mandarin teachers is rote-learning. It’s cultural, and it’s natural to most native Mandarin speakers. Most inexperienced Mandarin teachers unfamiliar with Western culture fall into this trap.

Chinese Buddy knows excessive rote learning does not appeal to Western learners. Instead of raw kill and drill, Chinese Buddy employs fun games to get children to produce language.

7. Original Songs and Raps

As in my previous blog, the number of good Mandarin songs are few and far between. Most songs are either geared towards native-speaking kids with unhelpful vocabulary or use awkward ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ renditions with superimposed Mandarin.

Chinese Buddy creates original songs and raps. All songs have a very focused vocabulary set and allow children to practice vocabulary and grammar in a timed fashion. Kids love the groovy feel and even often dance and sing!

6. Gesture-based Learning

It’s no secret Mandarin has a higher difficulty rating than most other languages. Numerous studies have shown that when you activate more of the senses, the ability to recall information becomes easier.

This is why Chinese Buddy has the option to utilize its gesture-based approach in learning. Each word is accompanied by a gesture, just like sign language. Students not only say the word but gesture it as well, allowing them to feel words in their hands. As words are strung together, students also see and feel grammatical structures as full of sensory input.

Simply, the more a student feels, the easier recall becomes.

5. Stories

Children love stories! The Chinese Buddy program weaves fun and interesting stories which use the topics and information previously covered. All stories have fabulous songs to accompany them which easily allow children to remember stories and their vocabulary.

4. How-to Teachers Notes and Awesome In-Class Resources

The sudden demand for Mandarin teachers throughout Western countries has created a high demand for experienced teachers. Unfortunately, the market simply hasn’t been able to meet the demand. Thus, Chinese Buddy assists new teachers with step-by-step teacher’s notes for each lesson. The curriculum helps any new teacher know not only what to teach but how to teach it for a Western audience. Teachers get game ideas, presentation suggestions, flashcards, and worksheets to support the teaching process in class.

3. Follows Learning Standards

Chinese Buddy follows the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language Standards, as well as the Chinese in New Zealand language standards (which closely parallel the European Framework). The curriculum covers all major categories of listening, speaking, reading, writing, cultural connections, and ample use of task-based learning.

2. Online Learning Platform

Most parents have never studied Mandarin, and it’s no wonder why parents scratch their heads on how to help their children learn. Chinese Buddy Online enables children to review content through audio, teaching videos, songs, and games. Learning doesn’t have to stop in the classroom.

1. Affordable

All Chinese Buddy content is available online. There’s no need to pay for expensive textbooks or shipping. Content is very interactive and hands on. All worksheets and teaching materials are available in the downloads and can be printed out for students. This makes Chinese Buddy extremely affordable and easy for long-term use.

Check out Chinese Buddy! See the resources which thousands of kids and teachers around the world rave about!