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A Western approach to learn Mandarin that kids love! No teacher required.

Learning Features

Fun Teaching Video

Interactive Questions

Original Songs and Raps



Downloadable Writing Sheets

Hand Gesture Assisted Learning

Group Reporting

Mandarin using a Western approach!

Boring Chinese rote-learning is over for kids! Children and parents rave about songs, raps, stories and gesture-supported learning which engages Western kids in familiar ways. Check out our Youtube comments.
Learning is literally full on fun!

Chinese Buddy Level 1

What kids will learn...


How are you?

I have colors!

Love & hate

"The Zebra that Loved Pink" - Story

3 Songs 4 Raps

Write 50 Chinese characters!

Review Learning Games

10 Lessons Packed with 50+ teaching videos, songs, stories, quizzes, interactive questions and fun!

No Chinese teacher?
No problem.

Chinese for Kids - The Chinese Buddy Back Story
Teachers can be hard to find and expensive. Chinese Buddy fixes that!

All lessons come with videos of Mr. Larry Chinese teaching! He’s funny,
makes things easy to understand and knows the pitfalls of Western learners.

Parents and teachers can also...

Create student groups and
monitor individual learning!



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Class (30 Licenses)

US$900 year/per class

School (500 Licenses)

US$5000 year/per school

Add one or many subscriptions to your account & pass them out to students!

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