Stuck re-learning the same old words?

Use Chinese Buddy –
Fun Mandarin thru music!
Learn songs, easily recall words.

The Power of Songs to Learn Mandarin

chinese plus music

Everyone knows music makes learning anything easier!
So, why stunt your Mandarin learning with the old rote way?
Chinese Buddy’s catchy songs easily activate long-term memory & inspire spontaneous, fun Mandarin practice!

Try it for yourself:

Pretty enjoyable, eh?

For kids & Adults!

Chinese Buddy songs are super popular with kids & adult learners alike! With over 3 million+ views, we know we’ve got something special going on! They’re sung joyfully at home, in schools, at work, spontaneously on the playground and even in the shower (so we’re told)!

Chinese Buddy Song Topics

What you'll learn...

Pinyin and Tones

Tones & Phonics Course

Greeting Songs

Color Songs

Number Songs

Chinese Food Songs

Food Songs

Classroom Songs

Classroom Songs

Chinese New Year Red Envelope Hongbao

Festival Songs

New Songs Weekly

New Songs Weekly!

There's always a growing number of songs! Currently, there are over 75+ songs! That's over 4 hours of Mandarin learning music!

Who uses
Chinese Buddy?

Chinese for Kids - The Chinese Buddy Back Story

  • Homeschoolers
  • Schools / Classes / Students
  • Adult learners
  • Mandarin teachers
  • Non-specialist teachers
  • Business people going to China / Taiwan

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